Server Settings

(1) Nature’s blessing can heal pets
(2) When pets’ HP is lower than 40%, they will use the pots that are given. They only use regular red, orange, and clear pots.
(3) If the pet got stuck or anything, use comment .reload to refresh.
(4) enchant pet's MR
2.Server Settings
(1) Increased the number of mobs. We suggest that for closed-range toons to use magic weapons to level.
(2) High magic damage. It is important to have higher magic resistance.
(3) Giran Prison Dungeon has boosted exp. It has 3 hours timer limited, and renew daily.
(4) Only Thebe weapons and Kukulcan’s weapons are based on toon’s Int and SP, other magic weapons are not.
(5) All the Alchemists in town are about to trade Bring Stones to Dark/Brave/Wise/Kaiser stones (trading rate is based on Lv. 65, wis 20), as well as making each level scrolls.
(6) The Weapon merchant in Oren is selling all the quest items for every character.
The description on the top right status of the food effects is broken, please read the cookbook for the correct effect.
5.Adjusted Buff Cooldown
→ Elf Skills (960 sec increasing to 1200 sec):
  Fire Weapon, Wind Shot, Wind Walk, Earth Skin, Eye of Storm, Bless of Earth, Aqua Protect, Burning Weapon, Storm Shot, Iron Skin, Exotic Vitalize, Additional Fire.
→ Royal Skills (640 sec increasing to 1200 sec):
  Glowing Aura, Shining Aura, Brave Aura
→ Dark Elf Skills (960 sec increasing to 1200 sec):
  Shadow Armor (the skill is also unable to be Cancelled), Moving Acceleration, Dress Mighty, Dress Dexterity
  → Illusionist Skills (300 sec increasing to 1200 sec)
  Concentration, Patience, Insight
  → Knight Skills (32 sec increasing to 192 sec)
  Reduction Armor, Solid Carriag
There are  two custom Spellbooks for Royal, 「sacrifice Devine 」and 「Avatar」

Sacrifice Devine : same as Heal Pledge , cost MP30/HP50.
Avatar : same as Summon Monster, cost MP50/HP100.

Royal additional CHA bonus for summon monster : +10
  For example, lv72 mage need 35cha+9 CHA gear to summon Cougar, royal only needs 34CHA or 25CHA+9 CHA gear.
  *Bonus CHA only works on summon monster.
7. 76 & 81 rings
Add the third (76 level) and the fourth (81 level) ring slot, equip it directly in your inventory. 

You cannot wear three of the same ring (e.g. you cannot wear three resistance rings, attribute rings, etc.)
Please report bugs when you find one, those who do not report and make benefit from bugs will be dealt with as violations.